Things to watch out for when purchasing
Wrangler hard top's and/or full doors
Remember newer is better

87-91 Wranlger
full door's
have small mirror's
87-91 Wrangler 92-95 Wrangler 92-95 Wrangler
full door's
have big mirror's
87-90 Wrangler's
have chrome outside
door handle's
87-90 Wrangler 91-95  Wrangler 91-95 Wranlger's
have black outside
door handle's
Always Watch for
cracks on the inside
of the vent window
There should be
no cracks
( like this door )
87-89  Wrangler Door's with ( sliding )
not roll up window
are very inferior quality
after market units
All Wrangler's had the
option to have defrost ( heat lines )
But require wiring kit
heated back glass 87-89  Wrangler 87-89 Wrangler
factory hard top's
came without wiper
1990 Wrangler
is a one year only
wiper through
hard top
90  Wrangler
We sell Wrangler
full doors for
700.00 to 950.00
for the pair
We sell Wrangler
factory hard tops
for 750.00 to 1150.00
91-95 Wrangler 91-95 Wranlger
factory hard top's
wiper through
back glass
We also have TJ ( 1997-2002 ) Wrangler Hard Tops for 1350.00 good used.